Preconceptions of Philosophers

Preconceptions of Philosophers- (not preconceptions of philosophers’)

There is a huge number of philosophy books on the shelves in your local bookshop or library, and given you are reading this there are a probably a good few on your bookshelf at home.  How did you choose them?  Maybe you have done some formal study when a tutor told you what to read, but that is not choosing.

I am aware that I will judge a book by its cover, so I consciously avoid the rather appealing Oxford paperbacks of Nietzsche with a good, recent commentary … at least until I’ve read the ones I have got.

I have an idea that there is something to do with the image of a philosopher that attracts or repels potential readers, so I shall bring some of these images and see how much agreement there is.

Date(s) - 21/02/2017 (Tuesday)
7.00 pm - 9.00 pm

The Thornbury Castle

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