Philosophy Without Words, Barnett Newman

I am interested in the idea of non-verbal philosophy, (In a pub!?).  There are ideas from the arts (say Bach’s working out fugues) that seem pointlessly literal if expressed in words.  Abstract painting is similar, so having been directed to a piece in Ethical Record recently I thought we could focus on an example, What Was Barnett Newman Doing?  Or maybe I mean trying to do.  There is a difference between depicting myself- as Rembrandt did and depicting my self, which might explain what Newman was doing.  What does a self look like, how does mine differ from yours … and what has paint got to do with it.  There might also be musical or even architectural analogies here- no harm in being ambitious!

I will not be bringing any reproductions of Newman paintings, but you could look at this if you remember that the pictures are generally very much bigger than your laptop screen!

Date(s) - 26/04/2016 (Tuesday)
7.00 pm - 9.00 pm

The Thornbury Castle

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